AM Station

AM Station

Client: Art Metropole

Scale: 340 cu ft

Budget: Withheld

Type: Exhibition

Location: Toronto, Canada


Art Metropole (AM), with the support of Osmington Inc. and the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts (TFVA), is in the process of creating an unprecedented exhibition platform in Canada’s busiest transit hub: Toronto’s Union Station. AM Station will be one of the inaugural contributors to Union Station’s cultural renaissance—the conversion of the train station into an eminent cultural locus for food, performance, art, and architecture.

Complementing AM’s current Toronto storefront location, AM Station will be a permanent installation comprised of a shippable architecture that will accommodate the exhibition of art and architecture books, multiples, comics, zines, and films, as well as lectures, pop-up shops, and art and art book fairs. With a new home in Union Station, AM Station will not only expand its hometown audience reach, but also provide the 200,000 national and international passengers who pass through the station daily an opportunity to engage with art programming as part of their commute. AM Station will host regular events as well as site-specific, artist-initiated programs throughout the station to further public engagement.









Picking up on these themes, PARTISANS conceived of the structure for AM Station as a solid cube that breaks apart into modular pieces—a series of faceted and individualized yet interlocking shipping crates. Taken together, the crates form a prominent exhibition platform at Toronto’s Union Station. Taken apart, they are an infrastructure for expediting the dissemination of books and art to people from across the globe. Each crate has the potential to sit in multiple orientations, permitting remarkable variety with respect to exhibition and programming. The curatorial flexibility and logistical pragmatism instantiated in the design ensures that AM Station will be nimble and prepared to adapt to ever-changing requirements and spaces for maximal experiential impact.