Design Exchange, December 7, 2015
RPM: Resistance, Play & Misbehaviour

The PARTISANS crew was so pleased to have won the Design Exchange's 2015-16 Emerging Designer Award! Thanks to RBC, Cosentino, and Designlines Magazine, and to the Design Exchange for hosting an amazing party.

Don't miss our exhibit, RPM: Resistance, Play & Misbehaviour, which will be up until January 31, 2016.

RPM: Resistance, Play & Misbehaviour

We live in an era of revolutions per minute. From politics and fashion to tech trends and pop culture, the daily pace is breakneck.

To remain relevant and productive in this context requires swift ingenuity and steadfast faith in the political promise of architecture to shape culture and enhance civic life. The engine that drives PARTISANS is our own version of RPM: resistance, play, and misbehaviour.

At PARTISANS, we are always seeking new ways to make the improbable possible. Every project poses resistances—challenging conditions that threaten to derail the vision. Instead of ducking, we embrace those resistances head on to push our design thinking to extremes and generate unconventional solutions.

We never lose sight of the importance of play—the sheer pleasure of design, but also play as methodology: the creative exploration of possibility, invention, and artistic practice to rewrite the rules of architectural engagement.

Misbehaviour isn’t a moral aberration; it’s the productive tension between resistance and play that thrusts research, thinking, and art into unchartered territories. Misbehaviour is the spark of difference, the slight tilt or mutation that unleashes beauty and reinvents the norm.