Client: Private

Scale: 4,000 sq ft (360 sq m)

Budget: Withheld

Type: Residential

Location: Caledon, Canada


Farmageddon is an architectural rehabilitation project set in the rolling hills of Caledon, Ontario. The client, an art collector and builder, envisioned erecting a modern sanctuary on the site, which includes an 1850s log farmhouse and apple orchard.
Working with the client’s ambitions and stringent site regulations, PARTISANS came up with an unconventional strategy to create a mysterious yet urgently contemporary building: Retain the historic farmhouse, gut and expand it to the maximum allowed, and enshroud the exterior in a filigreed Corten steel screen.

Measuring nearly 200 feet long by 30 feet high, the shroud—inspired by the dappled light that filters through the adjacent willow tree and reflected off the nearby pond—is comprised of a parametrically defined series of perforations that expand and contract in relation to the door and window openings.