New Mecca Masterplan

New Mecca Masterplan

Client: Competition

Scale: N/A

Budget: N/A

Type: Theoretical, Civic

Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia


The New Mecca Masterplan is the culmination of three years of research into the history and architecture of the seat of Islam: the Grande Mosque and the holy Kaaba—the black cube at its centre. Our scheme invokes the founding act of Islam: Mohammed’s return to Mecca from Medina and the destruction of the idols stored within the Kaaba. The black cube is the last remaining idol; it is the destination of the hajj pilgrimage. Our New Mecca Masterplan invokes the divine as an abstract and unknowable force. A singular impression in the earth replaces the “idol”—the black Kaaba—and compels deep contemplation and reverence in the face of an absent presence.