St Clair

St Clair Eye Clinic

Client: Private

Scale: N/A

Budget: N/A

Type: Retail, Commercial

Location: Toronto, Canada


The St Clair Eye Clinic is state-of-art diagnostic facility and retail shop for designer eyewear. The premise for the project was to create a dynamic multi-purpose space to accommodate the client's myriad uses. A place that could be not only a gallery curated by its owner, but also one that would accommodate more than fifteen waiting patients, and retail customers in a medical office setting. This space is under 950 sq ft, and yet feels like it could be much larger due to the optical effects of the interior architecture, which was achieved using forced perspective—a reference to the architecture and optics of the human eye. The display wall is a monocoque technology milled from a structural foam into a fifty-six foot long merchandising wall, as well as a system of benches and spatial devices working in concert to enhance the experience.