Temporary Mosque

Temporary Mosque

Client: Masters Thesis

Scale: 4000 sq ft (360 sq m)

Budget: $30,000

Type: Installation

Location: Toronto, Canada


The Temporary Mosque is part one of a tripartite project on the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The installation was conceived as a series of “mats”—tiles featuring biomorphic impressions that conjure the act of salaat, the Islamic prayer ritual. The latter is a communal ritual that takes place multiple times a day across the globe and whose schedule is dictated by the lunar cycle. By dint of its transience, the installation proposes a temporary space for prayer and community.







Comprised of 75 identical monuments that evoke the residual impressions of Muslims in mid-salaat, the Temporary Mosque was laid out on the vast lawn of Toronto’s Queen's Park, the home of Ontario’s Legislative Assembly, in a gesture that stages a dialogue—or confrontation—between Western secular law and Islamic traditions.