Toronto Tall Building Podium Matrix

Toronto Tall Building Podium Matrix

Client: Proposal for the City of Toronto

Scale: N/A

Budget: N/A

Type: Mixed Use Tower Podiums

Location: Toronto, Canada


While rapid densification is contributing to Toronto’s increased liveliness, the unbridled development of monotonous condominium towers is resulting in a significant facelift we may later come to regret. The rules for tall buildings in Toronto are failing to create a city or skyline that we, as citizens, can be proud of as a legacy for future generations.




PARTISANS proposes an alternative focus: the podium matrix. We need to turn our attention to the ground plane and start creating extraordinary cultural and retail experiences at the street level. Playful and rhetorical in nature, our Podium Matrix scheme nevertheless begs a serious question: How can a more ambitious and inventive use of the condominium base be harnessed to improve our streetscapes, communities, and collective enjoyment?