Union Station Revitalization

Union Station Revitalization

Client: Osmington Inc.

Scale: 400,000 sq ft (36,000 sq m)

Budget: Withheld

Type: Civic, Institutional

Location: Toronto, Canada

In 2009, Osmington, Inc. won the Head Lease for one of the largest civic infrastructure revitalization projects in the world: Toronto’s Union Station. Osmington handpicked PARTISANS to develop a comprehensive design vision that would leverage Union’s identity as a major transit hub and convert the station into a popular and prestigious cultural destination. The firm’s ability to synthesize the client’s ambitions into a coherent architectural and functional argument helped guide the project forward—to fit-out Union Station as a fluid stage for Toronto's most ambitious culinary, cultural, design, and retail offerings.

To accomplish the creative visioning, PARTISANS’ technical team immediately synthesized all existing 2D drawings into a state-of-the-art 3D BIM Model (Building Information Modelling). The latter serves a crucial double function: through parametric modeling technology, the BIM model is both a construction document and design tool that can be responsive to necessary adjustments.